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While the heated exchanges of the past between the Iranian regime and Israel could be analyzed as political posturing, the latest tensions must be taken seriously. Israeli military chief Lt.

The United States’ “Withdrawal” from the Iran Nuclear Deal

Furthermore, it has permitted the more intrusive IAEA monitoring inspections, including the implementation of the Additional protocol. Granting significant economic benefits to Iran through the increase in oil exports and resuming banking transactions, the JCPOA was a significant diplomatic achievement for the regional and international security. However, the prior diplomatic efforts have whittled away in the aftermath of the US unilateral withdrawal from the deal and reimposition of the crippling sanctions regime, which swept away all the economic incentives for Iran to stick to its commitments envisioned by the deal. Following the fifth breach announced by Iran on 5 January, the E3 launched the dispute resolution process, which is laid out in the JCPOA, viewing the dispute resolution mechanism as the only way to incite the Iranian authorities to resume compliance to the JCPOA. However, by invoking such measures, the E3 states are setting in motion a process that might end up in the UN Security Council resulting in the UN sanctions snapping back. This will put at stake the future of the deal and jeopardize the possibility of diplomatic off-ramp with Iran in the future.

Originally published in Al Jazeera America. When negotiations began in between Iran and three European powers over its nuclear work, Tehran was struggling to assemble uranium-enrichment centrifuges. The current round of negotiations that concluded successfully in Vienna on July 14, , saw Iran in possession of more than 18, centrifuges. Even then, a nuclear-armed Iran was neither imminent nor inevitable. Although a number of additional matters delayed the achievement of a deal at the eleventh hour, four key issues were at the core of international concerns over Tehran's nuclear activities:. Iran's enrichment process is based on using centrifugal force to purify the active isotope in natural uranium.

However, the deal has been in jeopardy since President Donald J. Trump withdrew the United States from it in In retaliation for the U. President Joe Biden has said the United States will return to the deal if Iran comes back into compliance, but analysts say that renewed diplomacy would have to overcome major political hurdles. Iran Nuclear Agreement.

Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

The agreement is a comprehensive agreement on the nuclear program of Iran. The Geneva agreement was an interim deal, [2] in which Iran agreed to roll back parts of its nuclear program in exchange for relief from some sanctions and that went into effect on 20 January These details were to be negotiated by the end of June During the period of negotiation, the United States, the European Union and others imposed some sanctions on Iran, which have been referred to by President Hassan Rouhani as a crime against humanity. The broad outlines of a deal seem to have been clear for some time. The Presidential election of Iran led to the Presidency of Rouhani, who is described by the western media as a political moderate.

Withdrawing from the deal, however, will hardly contribute to achieving any of his stated objectives. In fact, his decision has been harmful in several respects. Other states in the region — notably Saudi Arabia — might be tempted to emulate it and engage in a regional nuclear arms race. The JCPOA is a significant instance of effective multilateralism and successful diplomacy, involving countries with very different foreign policy outlooks such as the US and its European allies, Russia and China, and Iran itself. By reneging on US commitments without proper cause, Washington has conveyed the message that international obligations can be disposed of at will. The JCPOA was the culmination of over thirteen years of hard, unremitting transatlantic coordination. The JCPOA has removed the imminent prospect of a nuclear-capable Iran from a regional landscape deeply fraught with geopolitical tensions.

The Future of the Iran Nuclear Deal

EU- Logos. The primary objective was to prevent Iran from developing a technology that would allow it to build atomic bombs. In this article, we will first address to the reasons that paved the way towards the nuclear agreement and explain its content. Furthermore, the controversial position of the EU will be outlined, taking into account the expert opinions on the strategic role it has assumed, especially since the announcement of the US withdrawal. In conclusion, considering the delicate international economic, financial and geopolitical balance, this article will try to explain whether the EU has and can play a leading role in neutralizing the effects of the confrontational relationship between Iran and the USA.

The Future of the Iran Nuclear Deal

Not only did the final agreement on the JCPOA address a highly sensitive issue for international peace and security through detailed and comprehensive commitments, but it also succeeded in gathering together a diverse set of state parties, with varying levels of antipathetic relations among them in previous years.

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The Iranian nuclear deal: the challenge of the European Union

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