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Difference Between Prokaryotic And Eukaryotic Cell Pdf

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Humans are home to around trillion bacterial cells meaning our bodies are like an ecosystem.

Microorganisms are ubiquitous.

Know about differences btw Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell along with. Eukaryotic cells contain membrane-bound organelles, such as the nucleus, while prokaryotic cells do not. Prokaryotes are those organisms which does not contain the nucleus in them. Eukaryotes contain the nucleus in them. Eukaryotes have well-defined membrane-bound organelles in their cytoplasm whereas prokaryotes lack any membrane-bound cell organelles.

Prokaryotes Vs. Eukaryotes: What Are the Differences?

Microorganisms are ubiquitous. They can be found in air, water, soil, inside and on the surfaces of plants, animals and humans. They live in a variety of habitats and under a wide variety of environmental conditions. Microorganisms vary principally in their morphology and, depending on the degree of structural complexity are broadly classified as prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

It is used to describe unicellular single-celled organisms that lack true nucleus and membrane-bound cell organelles. This means that the genetic material in prokaryotes is not bound within a nucleus.

Prokaryotes are divided into two domains, bacteria and archaea. Bacteria used to be considered as the only category of prokaryotic cells, but in a second group, the archaea, were recognized as having equal status to bacteria. Archaea tend to live in harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures, extremes pH or salinity etc.

All other organisms including humans have the eukaryotic structure with relatively more complex architecture. Read Also: Microorganisms of Pharmaceutical Interest. Eukaryotes eucaryotes are organisms made up of cells that possess a membrane-bound nucleus. A typical eukaryotic cell is surrounded by a plasma membrane and contains many different structures and organelles with a variety of functions.

The major groups of microorganisms fungi, protozoa and algae , as well as parasitic worms and mites, and all plants and animals up to and including humans all belong to this group.

Viruses do not have a cellular structure and so some scientists do not even regard them as living but merely mixtures of complex chemicals; nevertheless, they are indisputably agents of infection and for that reason are usually considered as part of the microbial world.

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Gives bacteria shape and protection from lysis in dilute solutions. Selectively permeable barrier, mechanical boundary of cell, nutrient and waste transport, location of many metabolic processes respiration, photosynthesis , detection of environmental cues for chemotaxis. Eukaryotic cell structures and functions. Photosynthesis—trapping light energy and formation of carbohydrate from CO 2 and water. Environment for other organelles, location of many metabolic processes.

Microfilaments, intermediate filaments, and microtubules. Energy production through use of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, electron transport, oxidative phosphorylation, and other pathways. Repository for genetic information, control centre for cell. Mechanical cell boundary, selectively permeable barrier with transport systems, mediates cell-cell interactions and adhesion to surfaces, secretion. Temporary storage and transport, digestion food vacuoles , water balance contractile vacuole.

Within a true nucleus separated from the cytoplasm by a nuclear membrane. Mitosis and meiosis are absent so reproduction is asexual.

Exhibit both mitosis and meiosis, so reproduction may be sexual or asexual or both depending on species. Resulting both from mutations and the creation of new gene combinations during sexual reproduction.

Mitochondria and chloroplasts absent; ribosome size is 70s. Mitochondria and chloroplasts may be present; ribosomes larger: 80s. Do not possess sterols in the cell membrane but do usually have peptidoglycan in the cell walls.

Do possess sterols in the cell membrane but no peptidoglycan in the walls.

Major Differences between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Vellai and G. Vellai , G. Series B: Biological Sciences. Eukaryotes have long been thought to have arisen by evolving a nucleus, endomembrane, and cytoskeleton.

Depending on the internal structure of cell, organisms are divided into two types i. Prokaryotic organism are those which lacks true nucleus and membrane bound cell organelles. Eukaryotic organisms are those organisms which have true nucleus with nuclear and nucleolus and also contain all membrane bound cell organelles. Contain part of respiration and in some photosynthetic machinery. Sterol and carbohydrate is present that serve as receptors. Do not carry out respiration and photosynthesis. Glycocalyx Present as a capsule or slime layer.

PDF | Eukaryotes have long been thought to have arisen by evolving a nucleus, endomembrane, between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

The origin of eukaryotes: the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

In , Robert Hook discovered a cell. Some cells have membrane-bound organelles and some do not have. Depending upon the internal structure of the cell, two types of cells are found in an organism namely Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic.

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