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As seen in Victorian literature, from the s to the s, Britain underwent changes that transformed the lives of its people:. British manufacturing became dominant in the world and trade and the financial sector also grew significantly.

Social Life in Victorian England

Social Class and Class Distinctions 3. The term is related to the reign of Queen Victoria of England from to Since it covers a wide time span, the era has been divided into the early-Victorian period , the mid-Victorian period and the late-Victorian period Additionally it refers to British literary works which were written, for instance by Wilkie Collins or Charles Dickens. The Victorian age was an age of transition.

Victorian era

Victorian literature refers to English literature during the reign of Queen Victoria English writing from this era reflects the major transformation in most aspects of English life, such as significant scientific, economic, and technological advances to changes in class structures and the role of religion in society. Barrett's poem entitled "Cry of the Children," published in , focused on the horrific conditions faced by children working in factories. The popularity of the poem served to shed light on important social and political issues of the day, while also furthering the cause of feminism—cementing her standing as a successful and renowned female poet in a male-dominated world. Charles Dickens is the most famous Victorian novelist. With a focus on strong characterization, Dickens became extraordinarily popular in his day and remains one of the most popular and read authors of the world.

During the Victorian period , Britain was a powerful nation with a rich culture. It had a stable government, a growing state, and an expanding franchise. It also controlled a large empire, and it was wealthy, in part because of its degree of industrialization and its imperial holdings and in spite of the fact that three-fourths or more of its population was working-class. Late in the period, Britain began to decline as a global political and economic power relative to other major powers, particularly the United States, but this decline was not acutely noticeable until after World War II. There is some truth to both sides of this stereotype. Some few educated Victorians did write a lot about sex, including pornography , medical treatises , and psychological studies. Most others never talked about sex; respectable middle-class women in particular were proud of how little they knew about their own bodies and childbirth.

The Reform Bill of gave the middle class the political power it needed to consolidate? Industry and commerce burgeoned. While the affluence of the middle class increased, the lower classes, thrown off their land and into the cities to form the great urban working class, lived ever more wretchedly. The social changes were so swift and brutal that Godwinian utopianism rapidly gave way to attempts either to justify the new economic and urban conditions, or to change them. The intellectuals and artists of the age had to deal in some way with the upheavals in society, the obvious inequities of abundance for a few and squalor for many, and, emanating from the throne of Queen Victoria ? The Victorian era was the great age of the English novel?

Historical background. England was moving steadily in the direction of becoming Europe´s most stable and prosperous country. The industrial revolution, the.

English literature: The Victorian Age

In the Victorian era they had managed to b uild up a. How was the Victorian society structure? Word Count:

Although it was a peaceful and prosperous time, there were still issues within the social structure.

Social Class of the Mid-Victorian Period and its Values

These are undoubtedly good examples of what was characteristic of the age. However, none of them adequately describes the social attitudes and styles of working people, for example, and even if the values of middle-class men here described were the culturally dominant values, we have to be aware that definitions of Victorianism are subject to different emphases. The Victorian age cannot be seen in terms of a unified set of beliefs or practices, not only because Victoria's reign lasted so long—from to —but also because the age encompassed an extremely diverse group of people with extremely different interests, habits, and attitudes. The commonplace or popular characterization of the nineteenth century today usually involves the idea that the Victorians were prim, prudish, or even repressed, exercising an emotional clampdown on themselves for the sake of an abstract notion of propriety, and there is ample evidence to support this view.

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Government and politics in the Victorian era. The formal political system was a constitutional monarchy. It was in practice dominated by aristocratic men. The British.

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Social Class of the Mid-Victorian Period and its Values

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