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Structure And Function Of Animal Tissues Pdf

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Animal cells with the same structure and function are grouped together to form tissues. There are four types of animal tissues: epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue and nervous tissue. Learners need to be able to identify the four basic animal tissues and relate structure to function.

These cells communicate and adhere to one another by direct cell-cell contacts and through intermediary molecules like those that form the extracellular matrix. Each organ of the body is formed by several types of tissues. The part of science dealing with plant and animal tissues is known as histology.

Atlas of Plant and Animal Histology

Muscle tissue is a soft tissue that composes muscles in animal bodies, and gives rise to muscles' ability to contract. It is also referred to as myopropulsive tissue. This is opposed to other components or tissues in muscle such as tendons or perimysium. It is formed during embryonic development through a process known as myogenesis. This tissue is responsible for movements in our body.

NCBI Bookshelf. Trevor A. Nezwek ; Matthew Varacallo. Authors Trevor A. Nezwek 1 ; Matthew Varacallo 2. Connective tissue is the most abundant and diverse type of animal tissue. Animal tissue divides into four basic groups, which include epithelial tissue, muscle tissue, nervous tissue, and connective tissue.

3.13: Animal Tissues

Hence cells depend for their nutrients on underlying connective tissue. This animal tissue, contains contractile protein, which contracts and relax, thereby providing motion. These tissues vary in their structure, function, and origin. The animal tissues are divided into epithelial, connective, muscular and nervous tissues. An Animal. It possesses the ability to initiate and transmit the nerve impulse. Both these components are found in alternate form.

There are different types of epithelial tissues. Diagram of an animal cell. Figure There are many long, cylindrical fibers arranged in parallel arrays in each muscle. Tight junctions help to stop substances from leaking across a tissue.

During this period, the cells produced by mitosis enter different pathways of differentiation; some becoming blood cells, some muscle cells, and so on. There are more than visibly-distinguishable kinds of differentiated cells in the vertebrate animal. These are organized into tissues; the tissues into organs. Groups of organs make up the various systems — digestive, excretory, etc. The actual number of differentiated cell types is surely much larger than All lymphocytes, for example, look alike but actually represent a variety of different functional types, e.

The function of epithelial tissue varies depending on its location. As you explore the types of epithelial tissues below, think about how the structure of each tissue​.

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