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relationship between language, culture and society pdf

The relationship between language and culture is complex topic that brings up a myriad of questions. To help us understand the unique relationship between language and culture, let us begin by defining the two. Language helps us communicate, play, and imagine. Language allows us to interact with the world and define who we are. The origin of human language is relatively unknown. Linguists believe that spoken language of some form began with the first humans, the homo sapiens. However, there is no record of this early language to show us how language truly began.

We are all aware that language is not only essential to specialised disciplines such as linguistics and translation but is, in all its forms, at the core of human experience and civilisation. It is such an integral, natural part of our cultures and social lives that it may be worth stopping for a minute, not to smell the roses, but to consider what language really is, its implicatures and implications, and more importantly for this article, how it is related to our thought process and interpretation of reality. The correlation between language and thought has been the focus of many researchers in the past century and is still open for discussion nowadays. Many have indeed referred to the debate as a chicken-egg situation, to point to the famous impossibility of determining which one of the two processes shapes the other. How are language and thought related? Is language shaping our cognitive processes, are we talking about a mutual influence? Is there a universal language system, or is language completely relative?

Language, Thought, and Culture

Probably no topic is more central to psycholinguistic than which concerns the relationship of language, thought, and culture. Does Language influence Thought? Can we think without Language? Does language affect our perception of nature and society? The purpose of writing this article is to gain a clear and thorough understanding of the interconnection between language, thought, and culture.

The Relationship between Language and Culture Defined

Language in India www. Roshni Duhan, Ph. Law , M. If one will not exist, the other one will be affected. The words we speak might be language, but the way we speak it, is all part of our culture that our parents and society has been teaching us from the day we are born.

I think, language, culture and society have a correlation because language is an instrument or embodiment of culture that used by human to communicate with each other, either through writing, oral, or movement sign language , with the aim of conveying the mind intent or willingness to others. There may be many cultures in one society by language diversity; society is a number of people who have a settled relationship and the same interest; culture is everything that is learned and experienced socially by the members of a society, so the culture is not only the accumulation of habits and code of conduct but a system organized behavior. Culture embraces all aspects and terms in human life, be it a material or non-product material. There may be many cultures in one society by language diversity. Relationship between language and society.

Language and thought


Language and culture are intertwined. A particular language usually points out to a specific group of people. When you interact with another language, it means that you are also interacting with the culture that speaks the language. When learning or teaching a language, it is important that the culture where the language belongs be referenced, because language is very much ingrained in the culture. Complex is one term that you can use to describe human communication since paralanguage is used to transmit messages. Paralanguage is specific to a culture, therefore the communication with other ethnic groups can lead to misunderstandings. When you grow up in a specific society, it is inevitable to learn the glances, gestures and little changes in voice or tone and other communication tools to emphasize or alter what you want to do or say.

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The study of how language influences thought has a long history in a variety of fields. There are two bodies of thought forming around this debate. One body of thought stems from linguistics and is known as the Sapir—Whorf hypothesis. There is a strong and a weak version of the hypothesis which argue for more or less influence of language on thought. The strong version, linguistic determinism , argues that without language there is and can be no thought while the weak version, linguistic relativity , supports the idea that there are some influences from language on thought. LOTH theories address the debate of whether thought is possible without language which is related to the question of whether language evolved for thought.

The studies examining the effect of culture and language simultaneously indicate that language and culture-specific cognitive biases/mode of.

Homologous relationship of culture and language

Probably no topic is more central to psycholinguistic than which concerns the relationship of language, thought, and culture. Does Language influence Thought? Can we think without Language? Does language affect our perception of nature and society? The purpose of writing this article is to gain a clear and thorough understanding of the interconnection between language, thought, and culture. The data used in this article is the data of several books and articles about mind, language, and culture. The results of this analysis show, that the capability of the human mind can think and remember about things or objects.

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Relationship Between Language and Thought

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Is there any correlation between language, culture and society? Explain!

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