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We study the optical appearance of a thin accretion disk around the strongly naked static Janis—Newman—Winicour singularity. The solution does not possess a photon sphere, which results in the formation of a complex structure of bright rings in the central region of the disk image. Such structure is absent in the case of the Schwarzschild black hole with a thin accretion disk, where instead of the image we observe the black hole shadow.

Observational signatures of strongly naked singularities: image of the thin accretion disk

The naked bike isn't that different than your typical motorcycle as its still an engine on two wheels. The initial cost for a standard naked bike can be significantly lower than other motorcycle models. The naked bike is especially appealing to new riders because you are getting a standard motorcycle without the high price tag.

Not only is it inexpensive in price, but its maintenance costs less in the long run. Having less stuff on the bike means fewer things needed to be fixed or replaced. They fit comfortably in a small garage and are very easy to park on the street due to their lighter weight.

The rider will be quite comfortable being in the upright seating position as that position offers some of the best sight lines of what is happening in front of them. Naked bikes have a perfect weight to power ratio which in turn does not take too much strength or skill to control the bike in the beginning.

T hey are such a blast to ride because they are incredibly powerful and fast with some excellent acceleration on the open road. This is partly due to the bike being much lighter than other motorcycles because they have fewer materials and equipment on them. Although they are not as fast as sport bikes, the naked bike can move when necessary and can easily top miles per hour when needed.

While all bikes have different speeds, mph seems to be the peak for most of them. The ability for the rider to be in the upright position gives the rider a stronger sense of confidence. With fuel injection, digital displays, traction control options, available ABS, cruise control, throttle by wire If you are looking to use this naked bike for your daily commute around the city the upright seating position gives you the comfort you need to have a smooth ride.

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Our 5 Reasons to Buy a Naked Bike! Ducati: Monster , Monster , Monster , Hypermotard Triumph: Street Triple, Speed Triple. Previous Post Next Post.

The Right to be Publicly Naked: A Defence of Nudism

The naked bike isn't that different than your typical motorcycle as its still an engine on two wheels. The initial cost for a standard naked bike can be significantly lower than other motorcycle models. The naked bike is especially appealing to new riders because you are getting a standard motorcycle without the high price tag. Not only is it inexpensive in price, but its maintenance costs less in the long run. Having less stuff on the bike means fewer things needed to be fixed or replaced.

Naked mole rats are mouse-sized rodents that have become an important animal model in biomedical research. They play a unique mammalian role in behavioral and ecophysiological research of life underground. This chapter studies the general physiology, anatomy of organ systems, husbandry, and uses in research of the naked mole rats. Naked mole rats belong to the order Rodentia in that they have two incisor teeth on the upper and lower arcade that continuously grow. The skin is loose, wrinkled, and brownish pink in color.

Getting the books 6 reasons to sleep naked benefits of sleeping naked now is not type of challenging means. You could not unaided going in the same way as.

Naked short selling

She is passionate about holistic methods, and her unique coaching process combines the best of her knowledge in whole-foods nutrition, Reiki, mindfulness, herbal medicine, and positive psychology. Facebook Group. Enter your email to get our free PDF cheat sheet on minimalism tips for family members.

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Sleeping naked might not be the first thing you think about when it comes to improving your health, but there are some benefits that might be too good to ignore. Since sleeping naked is pretty easy to try yourself, it might be time to strip down and get your snooze on. For your health, that is.

Nudity in religion

Many liberal democracies have legal restrictions on nudism. This article argues that when public nudity does not pose a health threat which it seldom does , such restrictions are unjust. To vindicate this claim, I start by showing that there are two weighty interests served by the freedom to be naked in public. First, it promotes individual well-being; not only can nudist activities have great recreational value, recent studies have found that exposure to non-idealised naked bodies has a positive impact on body image, and, ultimately, on life satisfaction. Second, public nudity has expressive value; apart from being a constitutive element of various spiritual and religious worldviews, public nudity is frequently used to protest perceived social and political evils. As I go on to argue, the reasons for abolishing current anti-nudist laws that stem from these interests are not overridden, let alone cancelled, by the offence that public nudity might cause. Indeed, whereas my principal aim is to defend the freedom to be publicly naked when this poses no health threat, I will contend that states should recognise this liberty as a distinct legal right rather than try to subsume it under existing rights or secure it simply by excluding non-sexual, non-exhibitionist public nudity from existing laws against public indecency, sexual exhibition, and disorderly conduct.

Naked short selling , or naked shorting , is the practice of short-selling a tradable asset of any kind without first borrowing the asset from someone else or ensuring that it can be borrowed. When the seller does not obtain the asset and deliver it to the buyer within the required time frame, the result is known as a " failure to deliver " FTD. The transaction generally remains open until the asset is acquired and delivered by the seller, or the seller's broker settles the trade on their behalf. Short selling is used to take advantage of perceived arbitrage opportunities or to anticipate a price fall, but exposes the seller to the risk of a price rise. The oldest documented example of a naked short in securities trading appears to be a maneuver against the Dutch East India Company by the Dutch trader Isaac Le Maire. Critics have advocated for stricter regulations against naked short selling. In in the United States, " Regulation SHO " was enacted; requiring that broker-dealers have grounds to believe that shares will be available for a given stock transaction, and requiring that delivery take place within a limited time period.

Our 5 Reasons to Buy a Naked Bike!


Nudity in religion deals with the differing attitudes to nudity and modesty among world religions. Hesiod , the writer of the poem Theogony , which describes the origins and genealogies of the Greek gods in Ancient Greek religion , suggested that farmers should "Sow naked, and plough naked, and harvest naked, if you wish to bring in all Demeter 's fruits in due season. Although most ceremony and traditions involve dressing up, often with some preferential attire, certain cultural or religious traditions actually prescribe d ritual nudity. For example, ancient Sparta held a yearly celebration from BC called gymnopaedia during which naked youths displayed their athletic and martial skills through the medium of war dancing. The Abrahamic religions of Judaism , Christianity , and Islam all recount the legend of the Garden of Eden , found in the Hebrew Bible , in which Adam and Eve are unaware of their nakedness until they eat the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. After this, they feel ashamed and try to cover themselves with fig leaves. Genesis Judaism does not share the Christian association of nakedness with original sin , an aspect integral to the doctrine of redemption and salvation.

Сквозь туман она увидела Стратмора, который стоял внизу, на платформе. Прислонившись к перилам, он вглядывался в грохочущее нутро шахты ТРАНСТЕКСТА. - Коммандер! - позвала Сьюзан. Ответа не последовало. Сьюзан спустилась по лестнице на несколько ступенек. Горячий воздух снизу задувал под юбку.

Беккер понимал, что, как только дверь за Меган закроется, она исчезнет навсегда. Он снова попробовал ее позвать, но язык отказывался ему подчиняться. Девушка почти уже добралась до двери. Беккер поднялся на ноги, пытаясь выровнять дыхание. Попробовал добрести до двери.

Но сообщать имена жертв… с точки зрения человека в очках в металлической оправе, это было признаком особой элегантности стиля. Его пальцы снова задвигались, приводя в действие сотовый модем, и перед глазами появилось: СООБЩЕНИЕ ОТПРАВЛЕНО ГЛАВА 26 Сидя на скамейке напротив городской больницы, Беккер думал о том, что делать. Звонки в агентства услуг сопровождения ничего не дали.

 Ладно, - процедил Стратмор.  - Итак, даже в самых экстремальных условиях самый длинный шифр продержался в ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ около трех часов. - Да. Более или менее так, - кивнула Сьюзан.

В шифровалке не было ни души. Хейл замолк, уставившись в свой компьютер. Она мечтала, чтобы он поскорее ушел.

Тогда дело будет только за Дэвидом. Когда он найдет копию ключа, имевшуюся у Танкадо, оба экземпляра будут уничтожены, а маленькая бомба с часовым механизмом, заложенная Танкадо, - обезврежена и превратится во взрывное устройство без детонатора. Сьюзан еще раз прочитала адрес на клочке бумаги и ввела информацию в соответствующее поле, посмеялась про себя, вспомнив о трудностях, с которыми столкнулся Стратмор, пытаясь самолично запустить Следопыта. Скорее всего он проделал это дважды и каждый раз получал адрес Танкадо, а не Северной Дакоты. Элементарная ошибка, подумала Сьюзан, Стратмор, по-видимому, поменял местами поля информации, и Следопыт искал учетные данные совсем не того пользователя.

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