surgical instruments used in obstetrics and gynaecology pdf

Surgical Instruments Used In Obstetrics And Gynaecology Pdf

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The following is a list of instruments that are used in modern obstetrics and gynecology. Cusco's self retaining bivalve vaginal speculum closed seen from the left. It is very much used in taking smears from the vagina for Papanicolaou test and routine examinations.

Gynaecology Instruments

This list is incomplete you can help by expanding it. Obstetrical Forceps. Mar 16, - Explore Sadaf's board "Obstetrics and gynaecology" on Pinterest. This book is a practical guide to instruments and procedures in obstetrics and gynaecology for trainees. Vaginal Speculums - Used in procedures such as the papsmear.

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gynecology instruments ppt

Skip navigation. Prior to the invention of the modern speculum, health specialists struggled to find a way to view the cervix and vaginal walls. Because of that, health specialists could not accurately diagnose medical problems that were occurring in those tissues. Therefore, the speculum has enabled healthcare professionals to provide women with better gynecological diagnoses and care. As of , gynecologists routinely use the speculum for vaginal examinations. Women throughout history have claimed that usage of specula can be painful, though physicians take measures to minimize patient discomfort when performing vaginal exams with a speculum in the twenty-first century. Prior to the s, physicians used vaginal speculum-like devices for a variety of purposes in medicine.

Vaginal Speculum (after 1800)

Gynaecological conditions. Search for "gynecology instruments" in these categories. If you know what you need, contact us! We provide you with the cusco vaginal speculum, the kristeller vaginal speculum, umbilical cord scissors, amnihooks, uterus dilators and uterus clamps. Looking for specific PowerPoint presentation, click here to request it We regularly update the list of presentations on this page, for more information contact us Info somalidoc.

We read with great interest the article by Al-Jabir et al. The review article delineated and assessed adaptations to working practices for each surgical specialty, with overarching considerations which encompass the different specialties [ 1 ]. In this letter, we hope to briefly address some important impacts and changes for OBGYN practice, which may provide more insights for other surgical specialties.

This annex lists the instruments, equipment, and materials needed, as a minimum, for the practice of surgery in the district hospital. It contains all the items listed in Annex 1, with the exception of local anaesthetics, containers for laboratory specimens, and chemical products such as antiseptics and lubricants. It also includes operating-room and anaesthetic equipment, and instruments required for the surgical procedures described in General surgery at the district hospital Geneva, World Health Organization, Endotracheal tubes, sizes 2. Needles and cannulas for intravenous use, including paediatric sizes and an umbilical vein catheter.

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