unisa college of science engineering and technology brochure pdf

Unisa College Of Science Engineering And Technology Brochure Pdf

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Unisa Courses Engineering. At UniSA, we support our engineering, construction and project management students with a comprehensive array of facilities.

Step 2 Are you certain about your career? You have now identified the qualifications linked to your career interests and future planning.

Undergraduate qualifications

The demand for a skilled workforce in South Africa and the world at large has forced many people to enhance their knowledge by enrolling in various universities. Due to the tight schedules at work and home, some people find it impossible to attend classes physically, and that is where distance learning comes in handy. UNISA courses are the best because they are offered through distance learning by this leading distance learning institution that is accredited with world-class resources. The University of South Africa is undoubtedly one of the prestigious higher learning institutions in Africa that offer open distance learning. Worldwide, it is recognized as the longest standing committed distance education university, enrolling close to a third of all students in South Africa. Through the various UNISA programmes, the university provides training opportunities suitable for people from various walks of life with a theoretical background and practical skills. Through distance learning, UNISA ensures that its expertise in training, education, and capacity building is made available and affordable to all people through its courses.

Contact details.. Understanding RPL.. What is RPL? Who can apply for RPL?.. What to study?

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Your admission to UNISA depends on meeting various admission requirements for the chosen qualification. Unisa Courses And Prices. The payment depends on your qualifications and the number of modules you have chosen. One of the primary aims of the institution is to make use of the upcoming potential communication and information technology to propel the university into a truly digital future. You should understand that the … Our eight Unisa Courses comprise the following: College of Accounting Sciences CAS : Offers several qualifications endorsed by professional financial bodies both nationally and internationally, and produces high quality graduates for the various accounting professions.

The Centre for Business Management falls under the College of Economic and Management Sciences and offers SLP's in the field of business, management and commerce such as banking, finance, insurance, and marketing, among others. Category: Admission Requirements List of Courses Tags: agriculture qualifications, bachelor of environmental science unisa, bsc agricultural science unisa, diploma in environmental management at unisa, higher certificate in agriculture at unisa, unisa college of agriculture brochure pdf, unisa colleges, unisa environmental science short courses Unisa Courses Brochure Your admission to Unisa is dependent on you meeting the minimum admission requirements for your chosen qualification and college. The college offers qualifications that can be divided into two broad categories: vocational and formative. Click here for more information.

Download brochure - University of South Africa. The information contained in this brochure was correct at the time of publication 25 July If you are thinking of studying at Unisa, this brochure contains all the information you need. Unisa is changing in various ways and it is important that you. Choose a career path, decide on a qualification, then apply for admission during the prescribed. You can only apply online or by visiting a Unisa regional of fice to submit.

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology is made up of the School of Through its research activities, Unisa contributes to the knowledge and information doctoral studies · Download the CSET Prospectus [PDF​].

Recognition of Prior Learning - UNISA - Colleges Online

On-campus mine surveying practicals: their contribution in training mining engineering students in an open distance learning context. Initially intended to service mining engineering practitioners in search of formal training, the university has seen a growing enrolment of private students. Because this cohort of students has had little contact with the mining environment, there is a need to supplement the theoretical training by ODL with practical sessions on campus. In order to investigate this concern, historical data pertaining to the performance of students over the last five years was collected.

You will be able to download the University of South Africa Prospectus for all academic programmes as We proceed. The Prospectus is also published at www. The University of South Africa Prospectus is a document that contains all the information about the Institution. The prospectus will take You through all the steps every Applicant should undergo during the application in order to secure admission.

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