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Reward or punishment? Class size and teacher quality

By the time a student has entered a secondary school classroom, say grade 7, he or she has spent approximately 1, days in classrooms of at least seven different disciplines. He or she has experienced different forms of classroom management, and for better or worse, knows the educational system of rewards and punishment :. There is, however, another way for students to be motivated. According to his theory, a person's immediate needs and wants, not outside stimuli, are the deciding factor in human behavior. Two of the three tenets of Choice Theory are remarkably aligned to the requirements of our present secondary education systems:. Students are expected to behave, to cooperate, and, because of college and career readiness programs, to collaborate.

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Choice Motivates Students When Rewards and Punishment Don't Work

Include Synonyms Include Dead terms. Peer reviewed Download full text. Rewards and punishments have a major role in behavior change strategies. The purpose of the study is to identify the most efficient modalities of intervening on the child's disturbing behavior applying the punishment-reward duet. The conclusions further to the research provide relevant data for improving pupils' conduct by applying the most adequate modalities of reducing their undesirable actions in the school environment. Babes-Bolyai University.

By Signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. Carrots or Sticks? Alfie Kohn on Rewards and Punishment. Former teacher Alfie Kohn is an outspoken critic of schools' and society's focus on grades and test scores. Kohn shared his views on classroom rewards and punishment and talked about how teachers can encourage intrinsic motivation.

The writer discusses about procedure and advantages of reward and punishment. Reward is an appreciation given by the teacher to the students who can follow the lesson well and finishing the assignment. Meanwhile, punishment is a bad treatment that is given to the students who do not focus in learning process, do not care of their assignment, and have bad habit during the class. Reward and punishment can be given through verbal and non- verbal form action. Kinds of reward are mimic, gesture, compliment or positive feedback, point or sticker, and present.

This paper examines various issues regarding to punishment and learning. In the introductory part, the paper clearly describes the concept of punishment. The behaviorism and social cultural theory perspectives to punishment are also discussed in this paper. The reformation, retribution, deterrence, attribution and social control theories of punishment are also identified and comprehensively explained. On the other hand, the paper points out the arguments put forward by those who support and oppose the use of punishment in both homes and schools.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: The high stakes testing and school accountability components of our K education system create an incentive for principals to behave strategically to maximize school performance. One possible approach is the adjustment of class sizes based on observed teacher effectiveness.

School discipline relates to the actions taken by a teacher or the school organization towards a student or group of students when the student's behavior disrupts the ongoing educational activity or breaks a rule created by the school. Discipline can guide the children's behavior or set limits to help them learn to take better care of themselves, other people and the world around them. School systems set rules, and if students break these rules they are subject to discipline.

Self-Perceived Teacher Efficacy around the World

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