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Using the OwinMiddleware abstract class found in Microsoft. Owin we can start to create our own OWIN Middleware components that we can then integrate with our existing pipeline or distribute as a package. This includes abstractions such as request and response objects, saving us from searching the OWIN environment by key and a whole lot of casting.

A good takeaway from the above is that the Next property is optional, meaning we can stop the pipeline ourselves by simply not invoking the next OwinMiddleware. To implement OwinMiddleware we will need a constructor that calls the base constructor and an implementation of the Invoke method. Let's spin up an example. This will also install the necessary dependencies of Owin and Microsoft. As we know from looking at the base class, the Next property can be null and in our case it will be.

If you wanted to call the next middleware in the pipeline however, you would use the above commented out code of this. Invoke context in your own Invoke method. Now all we need is our OWIN startup class. We have two options for registering our middleware with the pipeline:. We can change this by creating an extension method for our middleware. To set our options in the middleware constructor we pass them in as params object[] args :.

Since the constructor for OwinMiddleware requires OwinMiddleware next, we cannot simply register the middleware itself and allow our DI container to resolve its dependencies. This has apparently been resolved for ASP. After banging my head against this for days, I ended up finding this line in a self-published book on Amazon by the fantastic Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan :.

This means that once you start writing to the response body, you can no longer write to the response headers. If you try modifying the response headers after writing to the response body in a separate middleware component, you will be met with a lovely Yellow Screen of Death with the message: 'Cannot register for 'OnSendingHeaders' event after response headers have been sent.

However, if you try doing this within the same middleware component, no exceptions or warnings are thrown or given; any new response headers will just not be assigned. This also requires the CookieAuthentication middleware found in Microsoft. This will also pull in the dependency Microsoft. Now lets break the rules and switch our login and file send logic around.

Now we still get our teapot but the headers have changed significantly:. It is worth pointing out that I have taken a dependency on Microsoft. Owin in these examples by using the OwinMiddleware abstract class within my pipeline. You can still use the IOwinContext abstractions within your Invoke method however, as this would not make the pipeline itself dependent on Micorsoft. Owin , only the logic in your middleware.

You can convert your env parameter like so:. You can download this and easily run it to jump in and start messing with Owin middleware. Required Packages Install-Package Microsoft.

SystemWeb This will also install the necessary dependencies of Owin and Microsoft. Use typeof TeapotMiddleware ; app.

Append "Biscuit", this. Biscuit ; context. After banging my head against this for days, I ended up finding this line in a self-published book on Amazon by the fantastic Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan : In [the] case of streaming hosts, as soon as a middleware writes to the response stream, the client gets the response along with the response headers - Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan, OWIN and Microsoft Katana This means that once you start writing to the response body, you can no longer write to the response headers.

Let's expand on my previous example by adding a couple more things to the pipeline. Add new Claim ClaimTypes. Name, "Scott" ; claims.

Owin Dependency It is worth pointing out that I have taken a dependency on Microsoft.

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Customising the OWIN/Katana UserManager factory behaviour

That's fine if you're creating a new application and want Entity Framework to do the dirty work. But, I have an eight year old monolithic web site that has just been updated to use claims-based authentication. Some people are suggesting that OWIN is easier to use than our manual approach, but I'd like some input from those that use it.

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Owin And Microsoft Katana 101 Ebook


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OWIN and Katana

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Creating OWIN Middleware using Microsoft Katana

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