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Work in confined spaces can be dangerous. You need to be aware of the risks and know how to prevent them.

NOTE: For a listing of confined and hazardous spaces, please refer to the inventories listed below. These inventories contains information on any special hazards of each confined space and list precautions necessary to enter these areas. Questions on procedures for confined spaces in academic areas of the campus should be referred to University Safety and Assurances at safety-office uwm.

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NOTE: For a listing of confined and hazardous spaces, please refer to the inventories listed below. These inventories contains information on any special hazards of each confined space and list precautions necessary to enter these areas. Questions on procedures for confined spaces in academic areas of the campus should be referred to University Safety and Assurances at safety-office uwm. Many deaths occur in the United States every year because of failure to conduct environmental monitoring when performing confined space entry work.

ILHR Except as provided in sub. All workers who must enter any confined space on the UWM campus must be familiar with these procedures before entry:. Review and complete the Confined Space Entry Checklist prior to entry. Prevention The best way to survive an emergency involving a confined space is to avoid having the emergency. These procedures assume that workers entering a confined space will follow procedures established for routine entry into confined spaces.

While some of the requirements may seem unusual or cumbersome, the procedures are necessary to prevent emergencies or to help workers survive a confined space emergency. Preparation Prior to any confined space entry, contact the University Police to provide information regarding the entry: location of the confined space, personnel involved, duration of entry, and any other relevant information.

If the police have been pre-notified of your confined space entry, they will have fewer questions and there will be less confusion during the emergency. Another key to confined space emergency response is having adequate communication available to quickly summon trained assistance.

Most confined space assessments require that two-way communication be established between the entrant and the safety attendant, or safety watch. Some preplanning is needed to establish who will contact emergency responders in the event of an emergency. The following hierarchy is offered as a possible plan. If you are able to contact the police directly, less confusion will occur than if some untrained intermediary is involved. However, in an emergency, just about anyone should be able to coherently contact the police from one of the Emergency Call Boxes.

The police can at least identify which box is being used to make the call. Clearly stating that the incident involves a confined space is crucial to prompt mobilization of trained rescue personnel. Again, remember to use the established precautions listed on the Confined and Hazardous Space Inventory.

Confined Space Entry Checklist. A permit-required confined space means a confined space that has one or more of the following characteristics:. At UWM, the best option is no entry into permit-required confined spaces! In other words, perform the work without entering the permit space. Questions and Answers. The State of Wisconsin has recently adopted the federal regulations, while OSHA has continued to clarify aspects of their confined spaces regulations. How are we going to train new people?

Supervisors will be responsible for arranging the training of new workers. This program has the support of all levels of management. What are the different classes of confined spaces? Good strategy. Or even identified? This will be an ongoing effort, with continual review and improvement.

OSHA does not require labeling of confined spaces. OSHA does require you to be familiar with the confined space policies and procedures. Appropriate signs and labels are part of that familiarity. You may well recognize additional confined spaces in your workplaces which have not been identified.

Please report these to your supervisor or to your safety committee representative. We will try to evaluate the space and add it to the inventory. Your contributions are vital to the success of this program. The labeling of the confined spaces is an on-going effort by your safety committee. Please report any unlabeled confined space to your supervisor by filling out a trouble report, if you think labeling that space would increase the awareness of the hazard and the required precautions.

What about the inventory? We hope the confined space inventory will be used as a training tool and a reference. Additions, omissions and corrections to the inventory should be brought to the attention of your supervisor. You should become familiar with the inventory and know its usefulness and limitations. What if a space is missing from the inventory? Report it to your supervisor.

The requirements listed should be considered the minimum requirements. If you think additional safety systems are needed, inform your supervisor before you enter. This evaluation has to be documented and made part of the written confined space plan. While previous entries can be part of the evaluation, air monitoring records that show no contamination over time is what is expected by OSHA and the Department of Commerce.

How often do people need to be retrained? Training is necessary whenever a significant change occurs in the work practices or in the regulations. General Procedures What type of communication should be on site for all these spaces?

Provide an estimate of the amount of time you plan to be in the confined space. Notify your supervisor after you leave the space. For Permit Confined Spaces, two-way radios, cellular phones or another reliable 2-way device must be used unless direct line of sight is maintained and noise levels do not hinder voice communications. The method must be specified on the permit. How many people are allowed in the confined space?

One, if the space is determined to be a permit-required C4 space. If you want more people to enter, more equipment for potential emergencies must be obtained.

If the space is rated as an Alternate Entry — Ventilate C5 space, or a Reclassified — Hazards Eliminated C7 space, as many people as can safely work in the space are allowed. Do I need an attendant every time I go into one of these spaces? Check the inventory. All permit confined space will require a second person as an attendant. Any other space which requires the Emergency Retrieval System, also requires an attendant. What other personal protective equipment is required for confined space entry?

Each work space must be evaluated separately. The need for shoes, eye wear, hard hat, protective clothing and gloves should be evaluated separately from the confined space hazards. Respirators should only be worn in conjunction with an approved respiratory protection program, which includes medical surveillance, fit testing, written plans and more. A portable ladder may be used to gain entry into a confined space. The tripod and winch assembly may be used to lower a person into a confined space.

However, if a winch is used for lowering someone into a pit greater than six feet deep a second system of fall protection must be added. In other words, the same winch and cable can be used for fall protection and retrieval, but not for all three lowering, fall protection and emergency retrieval. How do we protect openings when working in confined spaces? When the opening is in a public walkway, ADA-compliant barricades must be set up to protect the public.

You must set up barricades to protect pedestrian traffic from all possible directions. Barricades must be lit during hours of darkness. When out of pedestrian traffic lanes and sidewalks, the tripod and attendant should be sufficient to protect the public from the confined space openings. The attendant should not be distracted from their attendant responsibilities by having to direct traffic or otherwise protect the opening at the expense of attending to the entrant.

For an Alternate Entry using continuous ventilation, use the pedestrian barricade to protect the opening. Other than assisting and protecting the entrant, protecting the public is the most important task for the attendant. The attendant must not be given duties which could interfere with either of these responsibilities. If the attendant cannot accomplish both simultaneously, extra attendants or barricades must be established before the entry can continue.

The attendant must also be able to effectively operate the emergency retrieval system. In an emergency, the attendant must be able to make timely and accurate decisions to ensure emergency procedures are effective. What about bringing chemicals into confined spaces? Be sure that this additional potential hazard is controlled.

Chemicals can add additional atmospheric hazards in a confined space, which must be monitored. Chemicals may contribute additional hazards fire risk, contact hazards, etc. Supplemental ventilation and other controls may be needed. Be sure that a competent confined space supervisor and safety professional have reviewed the design of the additional precautions. These special requirements will be added to the confined space inventory for future reference.

Do not move your partner if you suspect a head or neck injury may have occurred. Engineering or administrative controls will be needed.

A smaller person might need to be assigned to a task requiring entry into a small space.

Confined spaces

Between and , three miners were fatally injured after entering confined spaces to clear material and obstructions. These confined spaces included a sand and gravel bin, a sand-filled hopper, and a cone crusher. All three miners were engulfed by falling material. Skip to main content. Confined Space Safety Alert.

A confined space is any space that is large enough for an employee to enter, has a restricted means of entry or exit and is not designed for continuous employee occupancy. All of these criteria must be met for a space to be classified as confined space or permit-required confined space. Examples of confined spaces include tanks, pits, certain tunnels, utility vaults and boilers. The physical and atmospheric hazards often associated with confined spaces can cause serious injury or death to workers. The major factors that lead to injuries in confined spaces include failure to recognize and control these hazards, and inadequate or incorrect emergency response. Environmental Health and Safety SC.

According to OSHA a confined space is a space that meets these criteria: 1 being large enough for an employee to enter and perform work; 2 has limited or restricted means for entry or exit; and 3 is not designed for continuous occupancy. This describes many kinds of areas a worker can come in contact with on a daily basis whether on a construction site or elsewhere. And it also illustrates what would be considered a non-permit required confined space. Now, a permit-required confined space will contain all of the above, plus one or more of the following:. Once a confined space has been identified as having any one of the above four potential hazards, an employer should identify it as such via either safety signs or another effective means of communication.

A number of people are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces each year in the UK. injury from hazardous substances or dangerous conditions (eg lack of oxygen). This leaflet is available at

Confined Spaces

What are confined spaces? What are the hazards in confined spaces? Who can enter confined spaces? How to get more information about confined spaces?

Planning entry and working safely in a confined space

Printable Confined Space Entry Program. To protect employees from the hazards of confined spaces at NCSU. To establish procedures for safe entry for NCSU employees and contractors.

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Confined spaces

Confined Spaces

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Confined Spaces

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