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Sociology And Philosophy Durkheim Pdf

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A Brief Overview of Émile Durkheim and His Historic Role in Sociology

Access options available:. By Dominick La Capra. And yet neither Durkheim nor Weber seems to have been aware of the other's work. It is in part the merit of La Capra's study to seek to capture the quality of French intetlectual life which contributed to this parochialism of Durkheim's, bound as he was to the "obstructed path. It is in what La Capra's study purports to be that it falls between two chairs--it is neither a systematic study nor does it quite come off as intellectual history. Durkheim, the man, eludes us almost completely in this study.

Émile Durkheim (1858—1917)

He formally established the academic discipline of sociology and—with Max Weber —is commonly cited as the principal architect of modern social science. From his lifetime, much of Durkheim's work would be concerned with how societies could maintain their integrity and coherence in modernity , an era in which traditional social and religious ties are no longer assumed, and in which new social institutions have come into being. Durkheim would also be deeply preoccupied with the acceptance of sociology as a legitimate science. He refined the positivism originally set forth by Auguste Comte , promoting what could be considered as a form of epistemological realism , as well as the use of the hypothetico-deductive model in social science. For Durkheim, sociology was the science of institutions , understanding the term in its broader meaning as the "beliefs and modes of behaviour instituted by the collectivity," [6] with its aim being to discover structural social facts.

Along with Karl Marx and Max Weber, he is credited as being one of the principal founders of modern sociology. Chief among his claims is that society is a sui generis reality, or a reality unique to itself and irreducible to its composing parts. It is created when individual consciences interact and fuse together to create a synthetic reality that is completely new and greater than the sum of its parts. This reality can only be understood in sociological terms, and cannot be reduced to biological or psychological explanations. Using this method, he published influential works on a number of topics.

Sociology and Philosophy

Access options available:. Journal of the History of Philosophy Rethinking Durkheim and His Tradition. New York: Cambridge University Press,

Journal of the History of Philosophy

He is widely regarded as the founder of the French school of sociology.

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Émile Durkheim

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