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Merits And Demerits Of Plastic Money Pdf

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Introduction Plastic money aka polymer money is made out of plastic and has formed an important part of our daily life these days. It is easier to deal with cards than cash. Yes, the advantages of plastic money over cash has made it a best friend of many.

Lost Password? Free Academic Seminars And Projects Reports study of merits and demerits of plastic money based on experiences of people aims and objectivs. About study of merits and demerits of plastic money based on experiences of people aims and objectivs is Not Asked Yet?

Disadvantages of Plastic Money

Plastic money was introduced in the s and is now an essential form of ready money which reduces the risk of handlings a huge amount of cash. It includes Debit cards, ATMs, smart cards, etc. Credit cards, variants of plastic money, are used as substitutes for currency. It makes it too easy for us to buy things we normally could not afford, which makes it easier to get into debt. The "plastic" portion of this term refers to the plastic construction of credit cards, as opposed to paper and metal of currency. The money" portion is an erroneous reference to credit cards as a form of money, which they are not. Although credit cards do facilitate transactions, because they are a liability rather than an asset, they are not money and not part of the economy's money supply.

There are advantages to using payment cards in your business - particularly when cards are issued to staff. But there are several disadvantages to be aware of too. Even though you can usually set maximum spending limits on employees' cards, be aware that you're giving your employees the opportunity to spend company money unchecked. As with personal payment cards, you are also open to the possibility of two further major drawbacks. Breadcrumb Home Guides Finance Business banking Advantages and disadvantages of using payment cards for purchases.

Plastic money has provided us with the ease of conducting transactions in our day to day life. It has definitely replaced cash transactions to a great extent all over the world and has emerged as an essential form of ready money. It has made it too easy for us to buy things we normally could not afford and in such a scenario it is important to understand the merits and demerits of plastic money. It can definitely not be denied that various forms of plastic money like credit cards, debit cards and others have made life easier by provided various advantages over the use of cash. But at the same time there are few disadvantages which cannot be denied.

Plastic Money – Merits & Demerits

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The research study evaluates the use and adoption of plastic money by rural. Plastic Money definitely provides an alternative in some cases and There are several advantages of plastic money as seen in the above illustration. Aug 22 Plastic money is made of the polymer which is why it lasts long. Jun 5 This study found out that plastic money is significant in the hospitality However the use of plastic money in Zimbabwe's hotels is This situation merits a study of this magnitude in order to understand Project. Dec 12 There are gains and drawbacks of financial digitisation. Plastic money - here meaning credit cards and debit cards - havemany advantages and disadvantages.

Using payment cards for your business

Technology has changed the way we deal with money giving us more convenience and easy access to funds from anywhere. It all started with a simple credit card that allowed you to make purchases today and pay later. Further, technological advancements lead to a new trend where most banks gave you one ATM card or debit card which can be used for withdrawing money as well as for making purchases or payments — offline as well as online.

Nawaf Gantare December 10, Economics 4 Comments. Plastic money or polymer money, made out of plastic, is a new and more natural way of paying for goods and services. Plastic money was introduced in the s and is now an essential form of immediate payment, which reduces the risk of handlings a huge amount of cash. It includes Debit cards, ATMs, smart cards, etc.

Adavantages and disadvantages of Plastic Money

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Plastic Money – Pros and Cons

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Merits and Demerits of Plastic Money Based on Experiences of Peoples
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