wireless power transmission and reception using sps and rectenna pdf

Wireless Power Transmission And Reception Using Sps And Rectenna Pdf

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Wireless power transmission via solar power satellite pdf free download

Wireless Power Transfer at Higher Frequency. Abstract: One of the prom ising future pow er stations is a solar pow er satellite SPS station i n geostationary orbit. In this. The SPS would be a. However, we must. The only way to reduce the size of the antenna s is to use a high er frequency.

Based on the need for clean, non-polluting sources of energy, and a trend to abandon nuclear power generation, the solar power source appears to be an attractive alternative energy source. Instead, the concept of solar power satellite SPS systems has been presented so as to solve this problem. One of the key technologies for the SPS system is the wireless power transmission system, which includes DC to RF converters in the transmitters, the retrodirective beam control system and the receiving rectenna system. In this work, the overall transmitting system has been analyzed in a system perspective. The techniques for generating and transmitting a high intensity microwave beam for solar power transmission can be divided into the centralized and the distributed approaches. The centralized approach relies on microwave tubes that are capable of generating kilo-Watts of power at microwave frequencies. However, microwave tubes are heavy, require extensive cooling system, are not as reliable as solid state devices, and therefore the system is prone to single point failure.

Antennas in Microwave Wireless Power Transmission

William Cyrus Brown. Bill Brown , was born on an Iowa farm. He joined the Raytheon Company and was soon in charge of the magnetron product line. He invented a cousin to the magnetron, the "amplitron", or Cross Field Amplifier. Unlike the magnetron, which was just an oscillator, the amplitron could amplify a broad band of microwave frequencies. The amplitron had a long and successful career in military and space communications. L ater he designed and built the amplitron which powered the reliable and efficient long distance communications on the Apollo Moon missions, enabling the world to see and hear Neil Armstrong's immortal steps and words, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

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Space-based solar power SBSP is the concept of collecting solar power in outer space and distributing it to Earth. Potential advantages of collecting solar energy in space include a higher collection rate and a longer collection period due to the lack of a diffusing atmosphere , and the possibility of placing a solar collector in an orbiting location where there is no night. Space-based solar power systems convert sunlight to microwaves outside the atmosphere, avoiding these losses and the downtime due to the Earth's rotation , but at great cost due to the expense of launching material into orbit. SBSP is considered a form of sustainable or green energy , renewable energy , and is occasionally considered among climate engineering proposals. It is attractive to those seeking large-scale solutions to anthropogenic climate change or fossil fuel depletion such as peak oil. Various SBSP proposals have been researched since the early s, [1] [2] but none are economically viable with present-day space launch infrastructure. Some technologists speculate that this may change in the distant future if an off-world industrial base were to be developed that could manufacture solar power satellites out of asteroids or lunar material, or if radical new space launch technologies other than rocketry should become available in the future.

Rectenna Systems for RF Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer

We can, in fact directly convert solar energy into electrical energy with the use of solar cells, but sunlight diffuses at night time from the earth. If the need arises for 24 hours power supply, we are helpless. Modern techniques enables us to create a platform in space carrying solar batteries, generators converting electric current worked out by them into the Electromagnetic field energy of ten centimeter range microwaves and antenna forming electromagnetic wave beam. On the earth, the other antenna rectenna receives the beam and it is converted into electric current again. The principal advantage of the space location is its independence of weather and day-night cycle and is pollution free.

Handbook of Antenna Technologies pp Cite as. The transmitting and receiving antenna designs for the microwave wireless power transmission MPT systems are illustrated in this chapter. After introducing a brief history, this chapter describes the components of a MPT system and the operation band selections.

Show all documents Wireless power transfer WPT has been made feasible in recent years due to advances in technology and better implementations of transfer techniques, such as Microwave Power Transfer MPT. In order to reduce the transmission and distribution losses. The MPT system works by converting microwave into power by using special devices called as rectenna The applications of MPT are numerous, not only to change the way existing technologies work, but also as theoretical constructs for future constructs.

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Metrics details. Many factors are influencing the acceptability of energy technology. The transformation of the energy sector is looking for clean energy technology that is also suitable for baseload power generation. Terrestrial solar energy has many obstructions, so solar power from space without any hindrance has higher priority for adoption, and it is suitable for future energy continuous demand supply. As technology is advancing, the possibility of satellite solar-based power station is more than a science fiction now and is possible in the coming future.

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