Results & Research

Research into PC1

A research protocol has been designed by the ARHF to scientifically study the efficacy of PC1 for HIV/AIDS.

In 2006 a small pilot study was performed with permission of the prime minister and the minister of health in Bangui, Central African Republic. 27 patients were included in the pilot and similar to the results observed in Malawi in 2004 [PC1 - Answer to AIDS in Africa (link to PDF)] showed significant improvement on all parameters. Unfortunately the intended measurement of CD4 counts and Viral Loads could not be performed due to problems with the machines.

A new pilot based on an improved protocol will take place in Kenya in 2008 and another pilot is intended to take place in Mumbai, India.

People interested in performing a study or in testing out PC1 in their clinic are requested to contact the ARHF.

Downloads for data collection

The aim of the ARHF is to offer treatment to all that can benefit from PC1. To reach that goal doctors and clinics are invited to use the resonance, and if possible also gather data for research purposes, because the more solid proof can be provided concerning the efficacy of PC1 for HIV/AIDS the closer we will get to having the resonance available on a large scale. It may be clear that to get there a lot of help is needed on many levels. There are a few forms available that you can download for data collection.

If you are interested in studying the results of PC1 in a clinic you can contact the ARHF here.