How to use PC1

PC1AF is for females and PC1AM for males

For dropper bottles - 555 (5 bangs, 5 drops, 5 seconds)
Take once daily. Bang the bottle on a book or a wooden surface 5 times daily to activate and then immediately put 5 drops into a teaspoon, then into the mouth.

For water bottles - 515 (5 bangs, 1 spoon, 5 seconds)
Take once daily. Before taking the resonance bang the bottle on a book or a wooden surface 5 times. Take a teaspoonful directly from the bottle likewise into the mouth.

In both the above

  • Keep it in the mouth, under the tongue, for at least 5 seconds before swallowing. Do not eat or drink just before and after taking it for 5 minutes.

Precautions and advice

  • The water must remain crystal clear. Never contaminate it by putting any liquid back in the bottle or touching the opening with the fingers or mouth or by drinking directly from the bottle and always close it properly. If the water is not clear, it is contaminated and you need a fresh bottle.
  • Keep the resonance in a cool place out of extreme heat and direct sunlight.
  • The time of day you take it is not important.
  • If you are symptom free you are still HIV-positive. Get a new bottle if this one is finished and have safe sex only! You can still infect others, and others can infect you and cause your symptoms to come back.
  • PC1 is safe for pregnant women, babies, small children, older people and those on ARVs

Download or print the card on how to prepare and how to use PC1