Response to PC1

Signs of Recovery from AIDS using PC1

The indicators of a revitalised immune system when using PC1 are:

  • Appetite returning to normal, even ravenous appetite.
  • Regaining of strength.
  • Increased recovery powers from acute infections.
  • Gaining weight, getting back to normal weight, is a great sign of improvement (provided there is enough food available).
  • Improvement of cough and chest pains.
  • Reduction of general pains, muscle and joint pains, headaches, usually within weeks.
  • Feeling well again, hope, happiness, clear minded, sense of increased inner peace/calm, and losing those feelings of helplessness, panic, fear of dying and despair. A change in mental health is often the first sign of recovery.
  • Reduced attacks of malaria. Elimination of TB

These changes usually happen in days and weeks.

What can stop recovery?

Factors delaying the recovery are:

  • Poverty and all its many complications, lack of education, lack of access to medical support, long distances from clinics, lack of understanding of medicines, intermittent food supplies, specific tribal customs, failure to understand about sexual transmission, prejudices.
  • Unsafe sex. PC1 does not protect the patient or the partner from (re)-infecting each other.
  • Other concurrent diseases may reduce or restrict recovery - gonorrhoea, syphilis, hepatitis, chlamydia, parasites, herpes, TB, malaria etc.
  • Diet - the better the diet, the quicker the improvement. Virtual starvation or inability to eat can restrict or stop recovery.
  • Inability to eat due to AIDS symptoms - thrush that invades the mouth and extends down to the stomach and takes away all appetite and makes eating unattractive. The thrush should improve rapidly on PC1, but until it does a fluid diet that is less painful to eat and swallow is recommended.
  • Degree of sickness - sicker people will obviously take much longer than someone in almost perfect health to improve.
  • Length of sickness - the longer infected the longer the recovery.
  • Age - the older in years the longer it can take to achieve an improvement. Children can respond the same day, even after the first dose.
  • Stress and especially emotional stress and trauma. Homelessness, rejection by family and friends, no income, no support, guilt etc. can all slow down recovery.

When recovery is problematic

See also what stops recovery (see above).
Here are some major factors why PC1 might not or only temporarily work for you:

  • Safe Sex Practices: Patients taking PC1 should abstain or follow safe sex practices for their own health and that of their partner.
  • Concurrent Opportunistic Diseases: In most cases, this will not make a difference. However in certain occasions, if you are suffering another serious disease, it may interfere with the action of PC1.
  • Nutrition: It is still vitally important that you have enough to eat, can eat, and eat properly with good enough food.
  • Regularity & Compliance: You must take PC1 daily according to the instructions (See PC1). Did you bang the bottle before each dose? Has the content been spoiled by putting the bottle to the mouth?

Care of PC1. It is quite robust but it should be kept clean in a cool, dark place and not be exposed to long sunlight, excessive heat, strong odours or pollution, also away from computers, mobile phones or microwave ovens (especially old, leaky ones).