PC1 for AIDS in Africa


This website presents an alternative and complementary approach to AIDS in Africa and other developing countries.

In 2001 Peter Chappell, an English homeopath, travelled to Ethiopia to see whether homeopathy would have anything to offer to people suffering due to the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Initially there were hardly no drugs for HIV/AIDS available in Africa so it was simply a humanitarian impulse supported by the fact that homeopathy has a great history when it comes to the treatment of epidemics. There are more justifications to continue to engage in such an inquiry as ARVs (Anti-Retro-Viral drugs) have many downsides and limitations - see later.

After taking 70 cases of AIDS in Ethiopia Peter Chappell analysed the totality of their symptoms and looked for a known homeopathic remedy that could be used for treating AIDS. Within the homeopathic literature he could not find a suitable remedy. He figured out how to reverse engineer the totality and essence of the symptom picture information and the medical disease description into a resonance for HIV/AIDS he later called PC1.

Since 2002 PC1 has been used in many African countries and India with good results, both as a complement to ARVs or instead of ARVs when these were not available or not yet indicated.

In 2007 the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF) was established in the Netherlands. The ARHF focuses on research into the efficacy of PC1 and on making PC1 available to those that need it (click here to order PC1). Peter Chappell has donated the rights of PC1 to the ARHF. The ARHF is a not-for-profit organization and makes PC1 available at the lowest possible price and for free in certain situations.