Frequently Asked Questions for Africans and Indians

Can PC1 cure AIDS?

Research has only shown us that it is an effective, non-toxic and affordable means of recovery from AIDS but not that it eliminates HIV. Safe sex is still required for you and your partner.

Can PC1 be self-administered without supervision?

YES. Provided the client is given or already knows the instructions for its use along with HIV/ AIDS awareness counselling and education on safe sex, transmission, nutrition etc.

How does PC1 work?

It acts to focus the immune system exactly and precisely on AIDS. It should be remembered that the immune system removed 10 billion HIV viruses daily for commonly five years or more without failure before there were any symptoms of AIDS.

What is the PC1 resonance made from?

It is made from the totality of the AIDS picture (physically, psychologically and spiritually), made into a special energetic formulation and then imprinted magnetically into water. The way water holds memory is beginning to be understood scientifically, and there is emerging technology that explains this phenomenon from some of the leading material scientists on the planet.

Is PC1 safe?

It contains no substance so PC1 cannot be toxic nor have side effects. Virtually all effects that might upset a person taking it are healing effects as the immune system gets stronger, and old problems and pains they had before return briefly, or latent diseases surfacing. PC1 is completely safe in pregnancy, in breast-feeding, for babies, and in old age.

Why do you bang it?

This activates the resonance and has been used successfully in homeopathy for two hundred years.. From material science we know now there are mechanisms how this works. Thin films and nanobubbles are two such mechanisms.

What about herbs and minerals and micronutrients?

Plants and mineral combinations can boost immunity generally and HIV/AIDS patients can benefit from them. They nevertheless do not focus on HIV/AIDS as specific as PC1 does and can have side-effects.

Is PC1 a medicine, an herbal tonic, a homeopathic combination remedy or something similar?

PC1 is not a drug or an herb and should not be confused with such treatments. It does NOT fight the virus like a drug. It does not use the immune system generally like an herb but specifically targets boosting immunity towards AIDS. It is not a homeopathic combination remedy. It is something completely new. It is pure information in water based on resonance related to the totality and essence of AIDS.

What happens if my HIV-negative child accidentally drinks some of PC1?

Nothing happens.

How many people have taken PC1?

Thousands successfully.

If I'm on ARVs can I still take PC1?

Yes, and you might feel a lot better using both. ARVs reduce the viral load and after an initial aggravation of the immune system only slowly let it recover, where PC1 rapidly increases immunity. The combination is therefore a win-win situation. Some people with CD4s around 10 picked up to CD4 around 100 on ARVs then CD4 increased to around 700 on PC1 in addition.

Will herbal and nutritional supplements interfere with PC1?

No, they act in a complementary and enhancing way.

Will PC1 work with patients in 4th stage of AIDS, bedridden, unable to eat, dying?

It might, it depends on the original strength of the immune system, acute medical help to get them eating again, food supply, safe sex, and whether ARVs are being used. Some patients that were very close to dying have recovered on PC1. Sometimes when people are at deaths door there is only a temporary extra lease of life, then a final relapse. See the AIDS hospice story.

How long do I have to take PC1?

Taking it for three months should be enough to bring you back to health. Since you will remain HIV-positive it is recommended repeat it 'forever'. If recovery if fragile, do not stop, but seek medical advice to find out what's going on and whether other treatment is necessary as well.

I have been tested HIV positive, but suffer no symptoms, would you recommend me PC1?

Yes, this is the best time to start taking PC remedies. By using PC1 plus refraining from unsafe sex it is expected that you may never reach the state of AIDS.

You might find you feel better, even though you say you suffer no symptoms. You can also measure immunity by the speed of unassisted recovery from minor complaints.

My organisation wants to work with PC1. How do I make a contact?

Use ARHF.nl.

I am also concerned about tuberculosis or malaria.

Using the same technology as has been used to design PC1 other PC-resonances have been made for TB, malaria and other epidemic diseases. For these also contact ARHF.

I thought AIDS was created in a laboratory in the West?

There are a lot of conspiracy theories about AIDS. The truth however has been found and is published in the book 28 stories about AIDS by Stephanie Nolan. AIDS did originate in Research has shown that probably already in the 1930s in southeast Cameroon SIV jumped from chimpanzees to humans and changed into HIV. It is thought that it has become spread initially by vaccination programmes that used the same needles for a thousand people and that happened every day for perhaps the generation. Diseases often originate in animals and transfer to humans and bird flu is the most common recent example that is currently threatening the world with a pandemic - see birdfluhealing.com. AIDS very likely went from a virtually unrecognized disease to being widespread through the vaccination programmes where one needle was used to vaccinate hundreds of children. It's not a question of conspiracy, but more of incompetence and ignorance.

What about AIDS in Western countries?

AIDS in the west is a completely different situation from AIDS in Africa and other developing countries. Where in Africa AIDS is mainly a heterosexually transmitted disease, in the west HIV-positive people are mostly found in gay communities, needle using drug addicts and people infected by blood transfusion. This means that the individual history is much more involved than in Africa where in many areas more than one third of the population is infected. Besides that the health of many gay people and drug addicts is severely compromised by a history of using lots of medication to suppress other sexually transmittable diseases or drugs.

PC1 has been used in the west with little success, and the understanding is that the above has a lot to do with why the results in the west are not to be compared with the easy and quick results seen in Africa.

A special version of PC1 has been designed for the west, PC1West. Until now there are no indications that this remedy is more successful in improving the health of HIV-positive people in the west. The remedy is available but should be seen as experimental. The fact that with no PC Resonance there can possibly be side-effects since any chemicals that could induce them are absent we allow people to use and hope to learn from them about the results.

PC501h is available for those on ARVs to reduce side-effects.